Kim Chatel

Author - Photographer - Fiber Artist

Once, Twice, Thrice

How did we ever learn to speak English with so many exceptions to the rules? Once Twice Thrice is a loving and humorous look at a father trying to explain plurals to his child. Names of groups of animals to learn about, too.

Illustrated by Kathleen Bullock. Suggested reading age: 4-6. Published by Guardian Angel Publishing, 2016 

Print ISBN: 9781616338022 eBook ISBN: 9781616338039

Once, Twice Thrice is available in print and ebook.

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"As an English Teacher, I love all this book represents and encourage any parent to pick it up for the developing language skills wonderfully blended with light humour about our unforgiving English rules." Review by M.J. Moores

 "I cannot wait to share this book with my students. The subject is something that we struggle with at school everyday. The book has humor and is beautifully illustrated!" Review by Carol Pash